The client was opening her new fashion clothing boutique in the LA area of Venice. She was looking to establish a brand and presence. As a result, she asked Odlan to help her draft some ideas and create a branding identity that she could use in her brick-and-mortar store as well as her online store. This also would include marketing collateral, such as business cards, flyers and lookbooks.



Initially, we portrayed the logo very graffiti-like – almost like spray paint on a wall. But quickly, we abandoned that direction. We chose to you something more basic and simple. 


The client wanted to focus on the brick-and-mortar store initially. As a result, we decided on a static site that would be used to present store information as well as receive customer inquiries via email.

Custom Illustrations

We created custom digital illustrations to use throughout the store and website.


As a marketing tool, the company wanted to send out lookbooks to subscribing customers to help promote the season’s upcoming looks.

Project Summary

Logo Design

The final logo ended up being a simple serif font that could be easily typed out on marketing collateral. The kerning was increased to differentiate it.

Website Design

The site was built with static HTML pages and contained mostly text to relay store information to customers.

Marketing Collateral

We also assisted in creating the basic templates for the business, such as business cards, hangtags and paper bags.