The client was on a mission to bring you the benefits of fresh, raw cold-pressed juice created right in Oakland.  Since this was a new business, they needed what everyone needs when starting a new venture: a logo and a website. She asked Odlan to see if we could help her convey the story she wanted to tell in Oakland.



For the logo, we wanted to keep the “urban grit” of Oakland incorporated within the brand. Therefore, we decided to go with a chalkboard-ish feel for the logo. We started out with some rough sketches and quickly, came out with a winner. The client has some tweaks; but for the most part, it was ready-to-go.


Since the client had employees that would maintain the site, we had to decide what type of content management system they would use. After much deliberation, we decided to go with Squarespace. Although, our experience with the platform was very novice, their UI was pretty easy to understand and navigate through.

Bottle Design

Since everything was new for the firm, even the marketing collateral as well as the juice bottles needed branding.

Wall Decor

Some of the sketches that were used for the website were enlarged and printed onto canvases to add more character to the establishment.

Project Summary

Logo Design

We created several drawings in sketchbook and client chose the one closest that she best resembled her vision. Then, we converted the sketch into a vector format which made it easier to scale.

Website Design

After choosing the Squarespace platform to host the company’s website, we worked along side of the firm’s copywriters to get the content in place. We added additional functionality such as tabbing features. In addition, we created custom illustrations to represent the various ingredients that make up the juices. We coded the custom sections in a way that the company’s developer could take over and maintain the site without any assistance from us.

Marketing Collateral

There were various smaller projects that needed to be created for the first time since this was a new business, i.e. flyers, posters, bottle labels, etc.