At Odlan, our clients are our main priority that is why we have designed outstanding services to meet the changing needs of each of our client. Benefit from each of our impressive services such as:

Website Creation

Website CreationThe graphic design and implementation of websites using XHTML, CSS, and other web technologies. We research and collect story-driven information about the site’s users. Our process includes design interviews and thorough, post-completion qualitative testing.

App Development

App DevelopmentStatic websites become web applications, once more functionality is added allowing users to perform various tasks. We create functional specs and try to put together an app that provides the best user experience. 

Graphic Creation

Graphic CreationOur team of professional graphic creators and designers will make sure that you obtain smart, custom graphics that will best suit your brand. We will create the best graphics that will boost the marketing strategy of your company..

Content Management

Content MgmtYou can now manage your high quality content on your website with the services and products that we provide. Your clients will surely find your company more reliable with the up-to-date content that you have on your site.

Search Optimization

Search Engine OptWe help increase your visibility online by improving your site’s rankings on major search engines. With our effective SEO strategies, you can surely increase your customer base and reach your targeted clients.

Brand Strategy

BrandingLet us work together to make your business more reliable and reputable online. We help you build your brand and reveal your professionalism.

About Us

Odlan is based in the city of Oakland, CA.
 We build the next generation of web applications using the latest standards of web design and development.

Naldo Pagtakhan

Naldo is leading the vision of Odlan with his experience as a Developer & Designer. Before founding Odlan, he worked for a couple of technology companies, including Siteflux and WebMocha. He launched successful projects including Interfusions and Maintenants. You can find him either coding or designing in his local coffee shop across his street.

Always Looking to Improve

Odlan has the support of local talent who are experts in various areas including user experience and marketing. We also have a handful of advisors and evangelists who can help if the need should arise.


For any new project or business, you will probably have tons of questions for a company like Odlan. Please contact us via email directly for any question that is not answered on this page.

What type of projects are you currently taking?

All projects are vetted out and a decision is usually completed in less than a week. Factors such a level of effort and budget play a significant role in the decision process.

What is your turnaround time?

It really depends on the project and if the client knows what he or she already wants. In addition, having all the functional requirements and content greatly speeds things up.