Photoshop CS5 Scan Issues

After upgrading my Mac OS to Lion, I realized I just shot myself in the foot when I tried to open Photoshop CS2… and it failed to open. I had tried to figure a way to get my CS2 working on Lion, but finally I just gave in and decided to upgrade to CS5.

Once I upgraded and Photoshop was working again, I wanted to scan something in. But when I went to Import from my scanner, the option to Import wasn’t listed in the menu. I couldn’t believe it!

I figured I just needed to update my drivers for my Canon MP470 and it would return. But after upgrading the software, it still didn’t show up. Soon, I saw a reference in a forum posting mentioning that Photoshop may be running in x64-bit mode.

To make Photoshop run in 32-bit mode:

  1. Highlight the application in Finder (located in your Applications/ folder)
  2. Get Info (Command-I)
  3. Check the box “Open in 32-bit mode”
  4. Then re-start Photoshop.

That did the trick for me… Now, back in business!